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Charley Bowers: The Junkpile Alchemist
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There isn't much out there about Charley Bowers - the stop motion animator extraordinaire-, and I guess that logically that's why there aren't places to really talk about him or anything like that. The one thing I ask is that people who come to this place respect each other's comments. Artwork, icons, anything will be accepted into this community. Because at this point, there aren't really any rules.

Here is the most comprehensive bio of him to date:

a sleepless night, a wild roomer, animators, bricolo, charley bowers, egged on, fatal footsteps, he done his best, it's a bird, many a slip, mutt and jeff, nothing doing, now you tell one, say ah-h!, silent comedians, stop motion animators, there it is, wild oysters